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Welcome to the Intelligent Technologies Singular Research Center's wiki. If this is your first time here, you should start by reading the introduction page.

Center's wiki

Here you will find all the info about the center's operation: facilities, regulations, procedures and IT services. Main page »


Information about the center's facilities: meeting rooms, videoconference, printers and guest offices.

IT services

IT services available to researchers, including storage solutions and backup, remote networking, web hosting and technical support.

CiTIUS management (only internal users)

Strategic plans, budget, regulations, management protocols and other documentation.

CiTIUS official calls

CiTIUS funding calls.

Public grants (only registered users)

Calls for project and human resources financing.


Internal and external communication, dissemination material, professional branding, scientific profile management, open access, etc.

Training and Professional Development Committee

Internal committee responsible for planning the training activity and advising on the development of the training and/or professional career.

Equality Committee

Internal committee whose main objective is to ensure the principle of equality in all CiTIUS activities.

Collaborating Researcher

Information for the application process to join CiTIUS as Collaborating Researcher.

Technological vigilance

Support service for the development of surveillance actions.


Concepts related to the valorization and transfer of CiTIUS research results.

Research wiki

Wiki with information about the researching activity.

Other wikis

Public and private wikis created by workgroups in the CITIUS. Other wikis list »


Authentication using the CITIUS username and password is required to access the wiki. If you don't have an account or don't remember either the username or the password you can request them sending an email to

Terms of use

  • The wiki is a space for collaborative work between researchers that develop their activity at the CITIUS.
  • Files can only be stored at the wiki if they are linked from wiki pages. Files not linked will be erased periodically.
  • Report any abuse using the following issue report form.


The wiki's syntax is simple and very similar to others like MediaWiki's. However there are some differences. To get help there is a syntax reference page or you can use the buttons at the upper part of the edit box.