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A wiki is a collaborative edition space, in which pages can be created and linked. This pages are organized into spaces, creating a browsable structure through subspaces.

There are many spaces in the wiki. Some private and other public. The place to find all the information of the center is centro (even though is a public space edition is not allowed).

Spaces for projects or work groups can be requested, with any access permissions desired. There is more info in centro:servizos:espazo_na_wiki.

Create a new page

To create a new page, go to an empty space and press Create. For example, if you want to create a page called Example in the playground, you must browse to :playground:example. Once there press Create in the upper right corner.

If the button does not appear, is because you don't have permissions to create pages in that space.

Edit a page

To edit an existent page, press Edit in the right upper corner.

Make any change needed and when done press Save. Bear in mind that a historical log of editions is kept, so its advisable to make a single big edition and add a summary instead of making small editions. Old versions of pages are always accessible.

If the button does not appear, is because you don't have permissions to edit pages in that space.

Erase a page

To erase an existing page, press Edit in the upper right corner.

Erase all page content, leaving the text edition box empty, and press the Save button.

If the button does not appear or if when saving an error appears, is because you don't have permissions to erase pages in that space.

Create a new subspace

Creating a new subspace is very similar to create a new page. Spaces (or subspaces) have as a main page a page named start, so if you want to create a space instead of a page, add :start at the end. For example, :playground:example:start.

There can be pages or spaces with the same name if first the page and later the space are created. Once created the space, a page with the same name can't be created because when accessing the page the wiki redirects to the space.

To convert a page into a space, the content of the page must be copied, then the original page must be erased and finally the procedure for subspace creation must be followed.


Apart from bold, italcs e other styles, others can be added external link, internal to the wiki, titles in different levels, images, videos,tables,… visit the syntax page to know more.

Known more

Answers to many usual doubts and additional information about the wiki's usage can be found at FAQ.