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Training and Professional Development Committee

This entry presents the CiTIUS Training and Professional Development Committee, which has the following functions:

  • Plan the training activity of CiTIUS, including the biennial update of its Training Plan. Training Plan 2024-2025
  • Advise CiTIUS predoctoral research staff in the development of their training and/or professional career.


Representatives of the personnel associated to CiTIUS:

Representantives of the postdoctoral personnel:

Representantives of the predoctoral personnel:

Representatives of the Knowledge Management and Transfer Unit and Strategic planning and management support unit:


The Training Commission will develop its services mainly on demand of the predoctoral research personnel (either individually or collectively).

In addition, a biannual meeting will be held with the coordinator of the Committee and the representatives of the Knowledge Management and Transfer Unit, so that the predoctoral research staff can give their opinion and suggest changes or improvements.

By way of example, some of the services offered by the committee are presented below:

Training activities

  • Provide feedback on some of the training activities carried out.
  • Propose training activities, from general topics to specific talks.

Professional Career

  • Questions about the development of the thesis and the research career: such as deadlines or requirements.
  • Information and advice on:
    • Research grants and calls (Xunta, FPU, FPI, etc): merits that are taken into account, when the calls for applications are published, etc.
    • Career opportunities: what options are available once the thesis has been presented, help in contacting certain centers, etc.
    • Accreditation processes in different organizations (ANECA, ACSUG, etc.): what accreditations exist and what they are for, when it is best to request them., etc.
  • [future] Establish connections with graduates who are in other centers to ask them questions about their career path.
  • [future] Ask for advice on the management and development of internships in companies: there is the possibility of internships in companies instead of research centers.
  • [future] Request a letter of support/recommendation from CiTIUS in order to submit applications to other centers.

Outreach and dissemination activities

  • Participate in dissemination and diffusion activities, whether organized by CiTIUS or USC, such as talks in secondary schools or visits of educational centers to CiTIUS.
  • Propose and/or organize outreach and dissemination activities.


The following e-mail address could be use to make suggestions about the organization of training activities or any query related to the development of the training program at CiTIUS.

For general matters you can also contact personally with the following staff of the Knowledge Management and Transfer Unit and and Strategic planning and management support unit::