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VM basic options

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VM basic options

With the instance selected we have the following options for a stopped VM:

Stopped VM options
  • Start instance: Changes the state from stopped to running.
  • Destroy instance: erases the VM . More info about this in "Create and destroy a VM".
  • Reset VM: discards the “root disk” and creates a new one in the next boot.
  • Edit: to change the name, group and “OS Type”. More info about the OS Type in "Create a template from a VM" .
  • Attach/Detach ISO: allows to connect or disconnect a ISO image in the VM's virtual CD-ROM.
  • Reset password: Reset the root password, a new one will be created during the following boot.
  • Change Service: Allows to change the initially selected “offering”. There is more info about “offerings” in the third step of "Create a instance"

When the instance is running the following new options appear:

New options when running
  • Stop instance: Shutdowns the instance via its operating system. There is a “Force” option equivalent to unplugging the computer.
  • Reboot instance: Restarts the VM via its operating system.
  • View console: Launches the VM virtual console. More info about the virtual console in "Connect to the VM".