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Consumables (All kitchen users)

All kitchen users must contribute to the expenses on consumables such as: detergent for the dishwasher, napkins, dishcloths, etc.

If you want to make use of the kitchen contact the secretariat. You will become part of a mailing group and we will inform you when it is necessary to pay one Euro to cover these expenses.


It's easy, collaborate!

  • ORGANIC WASTES: No organic waste may be left in the bin under the sink. Please take your waste to the organic waste bins outside the building.
  • INORGANIC WASTE (containers, plastics, coffee pods,cans…):Smaller inorganic waste (coffe pods, cans, small bottles…) can be placed in the waste bin under the sink. Not to be used for large waste (tuppers, bottles etc.)


Each user is responsible for cleaning the table and worktop after each use. There is cleaning fluid and paper roll on the countertop. This paper should be disposed of in the white waste bin.

There are cloths under the rubbish bin.

Please remember that there is no cleaning service at weekends. If anyone uses the kitchen at the weekend, they must be responsible for disposing of all the waste they generate in the bin. Do not leave anything in the rubbish bin.


  • Coffemaker, water Heater and Microwave oven

The use of these appliances is free.

Only water may be heated in the water heater, not milk.

Help to keep them clean!

Coffee machines must not be left on. Remember to turn them off after each use. It is not the first time that they are left on and overheat. Also remember to throw the coffee capsules in the bin under the sink.

  • Dishwasher

Avoid washing dishes manually and use it. The programing of this machine is as easy as:

  1. Turn on the appliance.
  2. Place the detergent tablet in its gap.
  3. (Optional) Indicate the time delay (3, 6 or 9 hours).
  4. Use “eco” mode (default).
  5. IMPORTANT: Push START button.
  6. IMPORTANT: Make sure the door is closed (You must hear a “CLICK”, if it is not properly closed the program won't start).

IMPORTANT: The dishwasher will be programmed to run every night and the first person to use the dishes in the morning must empty the contents. It is forbidden to leave dirty utensils in the sink, they must always be put in the dishwasher, checking beforehand that everything inside is dirty.

Cupboards and fridges

The different kitchen-user groups have filled the cupboard and fridges with their food and drinks (coffee, thea, milk …) and have already organized the adquisition of these things, sometimes this is done individually. You may find as well tupperwares with homemade food. If you want to use the cupboards or/and fridge find yourself a space and be responsible of its cleaning and of the state of the food. If you don't find any empty spot, talk to other regular users.

In the cupboard above the sink you may find kitchen supplies that belong to this Center, these things were bought so that everybody can use them. The cutlery is found in the drawers bellow the coffee machines. The rest of the cups are of personal use, you can bring your own stuff and find a space for it.

IMPORTANT: In the kitchen there is a marker (in the cupboard that is underneath and in the right hand side) use it to write the opening date of the milk, juices, etc. Try to consume them before they expire. If you abandone them, they'll be removed.