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There is a limitation in the Cloudstack version in use: any object ( template, instance,etc.) created inside a project has no owner and so it cannot be erased. As a temporary solution send an email to with the name of the object to erase because admins do can.


Several users in Cloudstack can group in a team so they can collaborate sharing virtual resources an VMs, snapshots, templates, etc. In Cloudstack this is done creating a project.

When a user creates a project becomes its administrator and can invite other users to take part on it. All members of a project can see and manage all virtual resources created by any other member. A user can be part of any number of projects.

The admin of a project can transfer its administrator role to any other project member. It can also add or remove members and erase the project. Resources created by a user that leaves the project don't disappear as any resource created inside a project belongs to the project and not to the creator.

Create a project

  1. In the left panel, click “Projects”.
  2. Click “New Project” in the upper right.
  3. Give a name and a description to the project and click “Create proyect”.
  4. In the following screen other users can be added to the project by their usernames. It is possible to do so anytime, so you can skip this now. When done click “Next”.
  5. Click “Save” to create the project.

Erase a project

In the project list, choose the project and click the button with the cross icon “Delete project”.

Suspend a project

Keeps all resources without using or destroying them. Project can not be modified in any way (users can't be added,etc.)