Install Virtio Drivers in Windows XP

Install Virtio Drivers in Windows XP

In the Cloudstack interface, press the button and annex the ISO Windows All Virtio Drivers.

When booting the image for the first time and finishing the configuration, a wizard to add new hardware will appear. Otherwise or if you skipped the screen:

  1. Access Start > Configuration > Control Panel
  2. Open System
  3. In the Hardware tab, select Device manager
  4. In Other devices > SCSI Controller right click and choose Update driver software

In the hardware wizard dialog:

  1. Choose No, not this time and press next.
  2. Choose Install from a list or specific location and press Next.
  3. Tick Search removable media and press Next.

Once the process is finish, the additional disks should appear in the Disk Manager. Be advised that disks are not formatted by default, and you need to use the disk manager to format and give them a unit letter before first use.