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This page presents the downloadable results for the paper

“Two-view line matching algorithm based on context and appearance”

Juan López , Roi Santos, , Xosé R. Fdez-Vidal , Xosé M. Pardo

GitLab repository:

The results are classified in the following directories:

Directory name: executablesWin64

detect.exe : Performs detection and plotting of detected lines.

Input: jpg/png image file.

Output: xxx_RESULT_detect.txt text file with the list of detected lines; each line is described by both endpoints, length and orientation. Image with plotted detected lines.

Example: detect 04-1.jpg

match.exe : Performs detection, matching and plotting of matched lines

Input: Two jpg/png image file

Output: Text file with the list of matched lines; each line is described by both endpoints on the original image, and its length and orientation. Images with plotted matched lines, labeded with matching reference tag.

Example: match 04-1.jpg 04-2.jpg

- Images database: Classified image database. Please check the references:

The directories matching_industriales, detection_averageGray, detection_real_lum, detection_real_noise, detection_synthetic_lum, detection_synthetic_noise contain the images selected for the paper.

Reference: Two-view line matching algorithm based on context and appearance in low-textured images. Pattern Recognition Volume 48, Issue 7, July 2015, Pages 2164–2184

The directory matching_publicas contains images from public databases. Their references are: