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Nextcloud cloud services

Nextcloud cloud services

Storage, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts, and collaborative document edition services.

Each user is allowed an initial 50GB of storage, that can be expanded if requested through the requests and problem reporting form.

Users can ask for the creation of groups with independent storage, also through requests and problem reporting form.


All users with a standard account have access through with their CITIUS account or by uing compatible synchronization clients or file explorers.

Users with limited accounts can request access trough their CITIUS person in charge.

Storage service

Synchronization clients

There are synchronization clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. They can be downloaded from the official web.

The path to the Nextcloud server is and the credentials needed are the CITIUS ones.

The CITIUS Ubuntu 16.04 has automatic integration with a wizard to configure the client and synchronization with the local filesystem. There is also a direct link in the file explorer to access files on the server (without previous download) using WebDAV.

For other GNU/Linux distros check the official website

WebDAV direct access

GNU/Linux file explorers like Nautilus have integrated support for this protocol. You can try the path davs:// (if it doesn't work try switching davs: with webdav:).

Windows 10 can connect as a remote drive using the path Be aware that the Windows WebDAV client is known to be buggy (for example the username cannot have any special character or the connection will fail). Therefor it is recommended to use some third-party client like Cyberduck.

There is more information available in the official documentation .

Calendar and contacts

There is no official free client to synchronize calendars and contacts. Calendars are accesible using CalDAV and CardDAV.

Collaborative document edition

Nextcloud has its own editor Collabora Online Developer Edition, which allows for the collaborative edition of all the types of documents supported by LibreOffice.

Documents can be shared using the NextCloud interface and can be edited by several users at the same time, just as it can be done in Google Docs. Also new documents can be created from the web interface.


Every day a backup of all user data is made. To access the backups you must get in touch with the CITIUS admins.