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Wiki pages

Wiki pages

Wiki space directed to workgroups. This spaces allow the creation of an unlimited number of pages below a namespace like the following:


Access to this pages can be public or restricted as desired.


Any CITIUS researcher can request the creation of a new wiki space using the requests and problem reporting form. You must specify the name desired for the wiki space which can only be composed of lowercase letters, numbers and some symbols but no whitespaces.

User manual

Access permissions

Access permissions can be manged directly using the wiki. By default they can only be modified by the user who requested the wiki. If someone else has to be capable of modifying them it must be requested.

ACL space: Where permits are defined

The acl space is a special place in which access permits are kept and its always public (this means that anybody can see who has access to a wiki).

Permissions for the some_name space are stored in acl:some_name:start. So in order to modify the permissions of you must access

Permissions can also be specified for particular pages, for example, permissions of spacename:example are kept in acl:spacename:example. If instead of a page is a subspace then :start must be added at the end.

How to specify permissions

By default if no permission is specified all pages are public (content is accessible to anybody) and can not be edited. When creating a new wiki the administrator sets the edition permission for the requester and follows his instructions to establish additional permissions.

Permissions are established one per line, this way:
  • Being X a letter that represents the permission: None, Read, Edit,Write.((Edit can not create or delete pages, meanwhile write can).
  • The can be a username o one of the following groups:@ALL (all users) or @user(authentified users).

When permissions are correctly processed, they appear enclosed in a grey rectangle. Any wrong permission appears outside the grey rectangle.


The following set of permissions allow access to all authenticated users with read permission and only users and usuario.dos also with write permissions. User usuario.tres is not allowed to access.